Bora System: shutters and louvers, frames, chimneys... in aluminum

Shutters and louvers
in aluminum
Frames for architecture
in aluminum
Custom chimney pots
in aluminum

Bora System is a Friulian company leader in the sector of aluminum blinds, of aluminum frames and bands and prefabricated aesthetic chimneys.

The Bora System “family”

The “family” Bora System will make every room in your home unique.
Aluminum shutters and louvers that exactly reflect the style of your home, frames and bands that give an elegant and refined touch to indoor and outdoor environments, chimneys and aesthetic coverings that give character to even the simplest roof., and are brands that offer you products totally made in Italy.

Shutters, louvers, aesthetic frames and chimneys are designed within the company and manufactured in our factory in Roveredo in Piano - Pordenone.
All Bora System products are made to measurements provided by the customer and are fully customizable. aluminum shutters and aluminum louvers, in all the classic models present in Italy.
It offers many design models thanks to the surfaces of the doors decorated with Laminam ceramic. is an established brand in Italy and abroad for the wide range and certified quality of the product. frames and bands in aluminum designed for the outside and for the interior of your home.
Thanks to the decorative ceramic inserts you can make every room in your home unique, you can also customize fixtures, window holes and so on. our aesthetic prefabricated aluminum chimneys are custom built, are supplied packed, in boxes and ready for simplified installation. This brand also offers you the Orion aesthetic coatings for chimneys.
Transform your old chimney without removing it!
The prefabricated chimneys of Bora System adapt easily to any construction because they are made to measure.
Choose and make the difference, only in this way will you have a home that is truly your own.

Powder coating

All our aluminum products are powder coated according to the international standard Qualicoat, a guarantee of a quality paint job.